"The delivery team did an excellent job of being on time and professional. I appreciated the way they handled my furniture and took the time to place every piece. I also was thankful that Lauren was there to help with this process, very courteous and professional"

Customer - Dora, Alabama

"They were so helpful and professional! They made sure not to scratch or bump into my walls even though it was a tight squeeze to get up the stairs. Thank you so much for a great job!"

Customer - Roswell, Georgia

"Nice delivery men. Since chairs weren't boxed and I had to transport them further, they wrapped them up nicely so they wouldn't get damaged when I transported them. Great guys!"

Customer - Rancho Santa Fe, California

"I was happy to see them put my furniture exactly where I wanted. The way it was all put together was great, and I love my furniture."

Customer - Escondido, California

"Delivery was excellent, timely and efficient. We were done in about 10-15 minutes. It made it very easy to take care of the delivery during my lunch hour."

Customer - Atlanta, Georgia


Customer - Birmingham, Alabama

The delivery men were professional, courteous, and very accommodating. The scheduling of the delivery was great, and the notification they were on the way was really helpful. Thank you!!

Customer - Newnan, Georgia